About Us

HMO Specialist in Chelmsford. 


About Key Accommodation


KeyAccommodation.co.uk is a company that specializes in residential houses, apartments, flats and rental rooms in the area of Chelmsford, UK.


Affordable Accommodation for Professionals


If you're looking for affordable accommodation near the cities of Essex and London then we here at KeyAccommodation.co.uk can assist you in your search. Our clientele consists mostly of single professionals and students who wish to live closer to their workplace or university.


KeyAccommodation.co.uk knows how crucial it is to look for low-cost accommodation in this financially challenging times. Our aim is to help you find apartments, houses or rooms that fit your budget and your standards.


Furnished Houses, Apartments and Rooms


Aside from providing affordable accommodation, KeyAccommodation.co.uk also ensures that its houses, apartments and rooms are partly or fully furnished to the highest standards. This makes it easier and faster for you to move! Some of the places even come with Wi-Fi internet and Sky TV.


Excellent Variety


Different tenants have different needs and this is why KeyAccommodation.co.uk features a wide variety of choices. Whether you are looking for a modest apartment, a single room or a fully-furnished house in Chelmsford, UK, we can help you find the accommodation that suits your needs.