Rental Properties

There are many types of rental properties available today and it's important to become knowledgeable about them if you're planning to rent a place. Each type of rental property has its own strengths and drawbacks and you should be familiar with them as well. Read on to learn more about today's different kinds of rental properties.


Single-Family House


If you're someone who demands the utmost privacy from your accommodation, then a single-family house would be the ideal choice for you. Renting a single-family house is quite similar to owning your home. These properties are usually rented out to newly married couples or small families who are just starting out. In fact, there's a very good chance that you have lived in a single-family rental home at least once in your life. As mentioned, single-family rental properties are ideal if you don't like living in an apartment building and if you don't like sharing living space with other tenants.


One drawback that you should consider with single-family rental properties is that they generally don't have the facilities that are usually found in larger rental units like apartment buildings.


Apartment Buildings


Apartment buildings are a very common type of rental property. Obviously, this property comprises of an entire building that contains multiple flats or apartments. An apartment building can also be referred to as an apartment house or a mansion block. Although apartment buildings are basically similar in concept, their sizes tend to vary. For instance, if you are looking to rent rooms in Chelmsford, you will likely come across small, medium and large apartment buildings.


When living in any type of apartment building, you should naturally expect to have neighbours or fellow tenants. Small apartment buildings are a good option if you prefer to live in a building that has  fewer number of tenants. However, since it's a smaller property, it will also have less amenities than larger apartment buildings.


If you like the convenience of having a variety of amenities within your reach then you should opt for a large apartment building instead. These rental properties generally have 24-hour security surveillance and emergency maintenance. Facilities like a fitness centre, a club house and swimming pool are also available.


When choosing an apartment building, two of the most important factors that you should consider are the number of tenants and the available amenities on-site. If you are willing to sacrifice lack of amenities for a more quiet and private living space, then you should choose a small apartment building. However, if you don't mind living with a lot of tenants as long as you have plenty of neat facilities that you can access then go with a larger apartment building.


Multi-Unit Rental Properties


A multi-unit property is a type of rental property that is divided into multiple flats—usually not more than four. These properties can be a duplex (two flats), a triplex (four flats) or a four-plex (four flats).